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NGO Lasten perusoikeudet - Children´s Fundamental Rights ry has since 2004 been working against CSEC in Finland.
The international cooperation has made it possible for us to get information, training and knowledge of best practices developed in other countries.

Our cooperation with Ecpat International and Ecpat Sweden has been active. With the kind support of Ecpat we have had the possibility to get special training on the prevention of CSEC. With the financial support of Ecpat International we in 2008 carried out our first training programme against CSEC in Finland and e.g. organized a seminar against CSEC in the Parliament House in cooperation with the Children´s Rights Group of the Parliament. The first training on CSO (Child Safe Organisation) was organized as well in 2008 in Helsinki.

In 2005 our association was invited to join the European wide NGO network of organisations working for missing and sexually exploited children. We were selected by the Belgian organisation Child Focus to coordinate the Childoscope network in Finland (6 NGOs).

We are the Finnish partner organisation of Ecpat International and Missing Children Europe (MCE).

We are now coordinating also the Finnish Network against CSEC since May 2011 (3 NGOs). Our special and on-going CSEC training and awareness project is carried out with the cooperation of this National Network and its experts. The Government, the Ministry of Social and Health and the Children´s Ombudsman have given their support to our CSEC project and it is funded and supported by RAY (www.ray.fi), an association supervised by the Ministry of Social and Health. The decision of funding to our CSEC project was confirmed by the Government of Finland on 2 February 2012.

In CST (Child Sex Tourism) questions we have an active cooperation with SMAL-AFTA ry i.e. The Association of Finnish Travel Agents (www.smal.fi). Together with SMAL-AFTA we have e.g. produced the brochure Matkailun pimeä puoli (The Dark Side of the Tourism). We also managed to organize together a special presentation on Child Sex Tourism on the Nordic Travel Fair 2013. The Secretary General of Ecpat Sweden, Ms Helena Karlén gave on the 18th January 2013 an excellent presentation on CST on the Travel Fair 2013, Helsinki Declaration programme. The Ministry of Foreign cooperated and the brochure "Matkailun pimeä puoli" was distributed in its stand during the Travel Fair 2013. This was the first time a special presentation on Child Sex Tourism has been given on the Nordic Travel Fair in Finland.

We have been actively participating in the Finnish NGO Network against trafficking in human beings (IKV Network) and we have received training e.g. on the identification of victims. 

Our legal experts have supported with legal advice in some special Finnish cases in order to get the case to the European Court of Human Rights. We are glad for some very important results in the ECHR e.g. in the case of Juppala v. Finland, 2 December 2008 (www.finlex.fi).

We are now working for better fundamental rights and better protection for small children (who are not heard) and for those who are helping these children. They should not be punished when helping the child bona fide even if the suspected crime against the child later can not be confirmed. This important principle has been confirmed by the European Court of Human Rights in the above mentioned case of Juppala v. Finland, 2 December 2008.

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